Portrait photoshoots


I absolutely love the photos and you have photographed their personalities perfectly!! Thank you!!

You and your horse

If there’s one thing I know for sure, it’s that horses are never just a hobby. Horses are a lifestyle and as a horsey person, I just can’t help but love it, even when they’re being a little bit cheeky or demanding. That’s part of what makes them so lovable. I also know that you’re at your happiest when you spend time with your equine friends. 

A photoshoot is a perfect way to treasure this special partnership – as they say, a picture tells a thousand words.

How it works

Your photo shoot can take place at your choice of location. You can opt to stay in the comfort of your own yard or home, or we can take the show on the road and I can meet you out on location. For example, the beach or local woodland.

We will already have had a chat before my arrival about some of the locations & outfits you like. The first thing we will do on the day is going for a walk around these and decide on a little plan of action. If you don’t think there are many spots we can use, don’t panic! There are so many areas that don’t look ‘all that’ at first glance. I’ve had photoshoots where we haven’t walked more than 10 steps between 4 or 5 different locations, but you’d never know that from the photos!

Your equine photoshoot will be a special and enjoyable experience. It gives you the chance to spend some time bonding with your horse, and for the most part, ignoring me and my camera clicking away!

The Experience

Included in your photoshoot:

Welcome pack

Your pack will be sent out to you upon payment of your booking fee. It contains more detail on locations, outfits and what to expect as well as your personal referral code!

Private online booking portal

The hub of your booking. You will receive login details to the portal after your welcome pack arrives. This is a safe place for all of our correspondence, booking forms and contracts, and you can even upload photos of your horses so I can ‘meet’ them beforehand!

Pre-shoot consultation

A week or so before your photoshoot, we will set up a call so that we can go over the finer details – outfits, possible locations, and any concerns you may have

2 hour photoshoot

Focussing on creating a variety of heartfelt images – with time for 2 – 3 outfit changes! We can also incorporate liberty photos, which I can discuss with you further on our call.

In-person private viewing & ordering session

With laptop in hand, I look forward to coming back to see you with the best selection of your photos. I have a small number of sample products for you to see, and we will go through your gallery together to select your favourite images. I can advise on wall art for your home, and ensure that we get all of the finer detail down to create the perfect heirloom pieces for you. Generally held a week or so after your photoshoot, your ordering session can be fast-tracked to as soon as the following day for a fee.

 Book your no-obligation enquiry call

For prices, queries or to book your luxury photoshoot, please get in touch:

Call: 07716 066796


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What if it rains?

We will keep an eye on the weather forecast as your photoshoot approaches, and make a decision in the 24 hours before. I’m regularly checking what Mother Nature is up to as I primarily shoot outdoors! Photoshoots are transferrable in the case of bad weather, but if we are able to move the session back or forward in the day to avoid it then we will. I know how frustrating it can be to have spent the previous week bathing your horse to miss out!

My horse is a bit naughty...

If I had a pound for everyone who has had this worry, I would be able to offer my sessions for free! I’ve been an equestrian myself for 28 years, and there isn’t an awful lot that I haven’t seen. There also isn’t a single photoshoot that I’ve come away from without a good selection of images.

Fidgeting, snacking, shoving … slobbering… We have a trick for them all. If we have to keep moving, that’s fine by me! Equally, if they need to have a few minutes break that’s what we do. I pride myself on tailoring every photoshoot to my client and their horses, and every session will be led by them to ensure you both enjoy it!

What do I wear?

I always recommend that you wear something you’re comfortable in – that is, something smart that you’re not going to keep needing to adjust to feel comfortable. Patterns are usually best avoided, as they can either clash or blend in with the background.
If you’d like to get the family involved, it’s always worth co-ordinating so you’re not all wearing completely different colours too!

My yard isn't very pretty / is quite small... Can we use it?

Every yard is different, and has it’s own perfect photographic spots. There are plenty of unsuspecting places that may look nothing special, but can make a lovely photograph when captured in the right way.

Brick walls, wooden fences, wooden gates, trees, bridleways, country lanes, hedges, fields, stables, field shelters… if you have any of these (and I know you’ll have at least two!) then we’ll have plenty to play with! 

Remembering my heart horse

“When my much-loved childhood pony was diagnosed with a terminal illness, I knew I wanted some photos to remember him by. I hate having my photo taken, but knew I’d put it off long enough! Laura was the natural choice to ask to capture my special boy’s huge personality, and she did a great job at putting me at ease throughout too. Even though it was bittersweet, the morning was spent full of smiles and laughter! The end product did not disappoint – he is captured exactly the way I want to remember him. Thank you Laura, I’m so grateful to have such a treasured way of remembering my “heart horse”.”