Your photoshoot

How exciting! Your date is in the diary, now you’re wondering what is actually involved in having photos taken with your horse. What have you signed yourself up for?

I will be in touch throughout the run up to your shoot to discuss where you would like to have your photos taken, and get some details and ideas from you on what you’re looking to get out of the time. I’d love to know what makes your partnership tick, and get some ideas flowing before I get on location.

I always aim to make this a fun occasion for all involved, and so each photoshoot will be worked around you. Hand on heart, I want this to be a personal and special experience.

Do I need to prepare anything?

If we are at your home or yard, do feel free to make mental notes of any spots you would like me to consider for shooting.

Time and weather conditions allowing, you will want to bathe your horse but this may not always be possible! A good groom is my sole recommendation, and if you have hoof balm this can give a lovely shiny finish to your horse’s feet.

Give yourself plenty of time on the day so that you’re not feeling any pressure before the photoshoot and if you’re not quite ready when I arrive, please don’t panic! There’s no tight schedule to stick to, and we will take the time it takes.

Most importantly – relax! 


Your contract will be sent over for signing digitally, via your online customer portal.

What about the weather?

Please don’t worry about the Great British weather. More than ever, we know how unpredictable the UK climate can be and we will work around it.

​I am a serial weather app checker, and will keep an eye on the forecast in your area in the days running up to your shoot. If it’s looking like it will be a washout, we will reschedule, but if you’re game for some shower dodging then so am I!

​Clouds, sunshine, wind, snow and frost are all conditions we can work with, but if for any reason you feel unsafe in any situation we will discuss the possibility of rescheduling. The latter can make for some fab photos if you’re up for it.

​Cross your fingers, hope that the day is a pleasant one, and don’t think any more of it.

What you wear is actually a pretty big part of your shoot. With this in mind, I’d definitely recommend putting some thought into what you would like to dress in. 

Anything goes, but bear in mind your horse’s colouring can clash, and I would recommend block colours rather than delicate patterns.

A reasonable amount of outfits is 2 or 3 within a couple of hours shooting time, and this will provide a more varied portfolio of images too.

If you want to dress up, that’s great – we do love a glam horsey girl! I love it when the wedding dresses and prom dresses come out so we can have a bit of fun.

In progress – a Pinterest board for inspiration on what your horse’s colour might suit!

You mentioned outfit changes?

Here are a few suggestions on what you might like to consider for your outfits (this list is not exhaustive and if you have any other ideas, I’d love to hear them!):

*Smart/Casual (jeans etc.)
*Your favourite dress
*Seasonal clothes
*Riding or Competition wear
*Concours D’Elegance
*Wedding dress
*Fancy dress (especially popular for the children!)

Whilst heels make for a good shot, please ensure you have practical boots or shoes to hand. There is likely to be a fair bit of walking around involved, and we all know how tough it can be walking around on grass or stoney tracks in stilettos!

It’s also worth thinking about what you would like your horse to wear during your shoot. I’m happy to incorporate in hand, tackless, ridden, and liberty shots if this is what you would like.

*Leather headcollar
*Bridle (optional bling browband)
*Bridle & saddle
*Bridle & competition rug
*Tackless in field
*Tackless with you

If you have a favourite headcollar, you are welcome to use it but I find that a leather or rope headcollar works best and will detract less from your horse’s features.

Clean tack is recommended!

My horse is a bit naughty…

Don’t worry – it’s called character, and we wouldn’t change it for the world!

I’m used to working with different horses, each with their own little quirks and temperaments, and have plenty of patience to deal with whatever situation arises. We will work with your horse to ensure the shoot is as relaxing and enjoyable as possible for everyone.

I don’t arrive expecting your horse to be a supermodel, although you’ll probably be surprised at how much they can strut their stuff in front of the lens. If they get impatient and start fidgeting, we can move to another spot, walk them around a little, change things up and keep them occupied and happy. Out-takes can be a bit of fun to catch anyway!

If it all gets a bit much then we can take a break, and try again once your horse has settled. Rest assured, we will get the shots one way or another!

Can my other pets join in?

Of course they can! Your shoot, your rules. If you want images that have one horse, 2, 3 or 4 horses, dogs, goats, alpacas… If you’ve got them, why not get them involved if it’s safe to do so?

If you get other animals involved, I’m happy to get a few images of them on their own if you’d like to!

If there are more than four horses, please be aware that your invoice will detail additional charges at £10 per horse. It’s always worth seeing if a friend wants to join your booking as this would then reduce your initial shoot cost (see Groups Photoshoot under Pricing)

If you would like to include additional horses or pets, please let me know in advance in case I need to allow a little extra time on location!

Tell me more about the shoot?

Where will you take the photos?

This is entirely up to you, I can meet you at any location of your choosing. Yard, beach, forest, home, a cross country course… The list of possibilities is only as short as you make it.

Most often, the photos will be taken where your horse is kept. This is usually my recommendation as your horse is more likely to relax in an environment that they are familiar with. However, with that said, you know your horse and if they are happy frolicking in the waves, then let’s go for a trip to the beach!

If I’m meeting you at your yard, please feel free to point out any areas you would like me to consider for shooting when I arrive. I will probably have a little wander around whilst you are getting ready to locate some opportune spots. Don’t worry if there’s not much at your yard – gates, hedgerows and fencing can be utilised, and quiet lanes can make for some lovely backdrops in the absence of rolling hills (because we can’t all have that scenery!)

If there is a nearby wood or track that you think would be suitable then please let me know – I’m not afraid to walk a bit to get you the best final images possible.

What photos will you take?

Please take a bit of time to have a think about what you would like to take away from the photoshoot. Is there a bare patch on your wall that’s screaming out for a canvas? Perhaps you’d prefer a handful of smaller art block images? Or are you looking for some images to frame for your study/staircase perhaps?

There are a number of examples of my images on my website, Facebook page and Instagram. I will take a variety of shots so that you have a mixed portfolio of distance photos and close-ups. If there is a particular shot that you like, we can look to recreate a similar feel, and likewise if you have any ideas of your own then please let me know!

I will usually start the shoot getting you to stand facing your horse and having a bit of a snuggle. It will give us an early indication of how your horse is feeling and is often an easy way to get natural movement flowing. I love to capture the essence between you and your horse, so whilst I will offer posing guidance throughout, I find it works much better to give you a starting point and let you and your horse talk to each other and guide the shoot where practical.

The number of images I take can vary greatly from shoot to shoot, depending on how many animals are involved, and how many locations we have available to use. Where possible we will move on from place to place to provide a variety of backgrounds in the final album.

My shooting style is focused on catching you, so you will often find that the backdrop is in very soft focus. I try to keep the images as natural as possible for most of my photos, however some do call for a bit more drama when it comes to editing, and a bit of black and white goes a long way too.

Please be aware that a mileage charge of 30p/mile will be applied for any locations outside of Suffolk

What happens after my shoot?

Once we have finished the session, I will try and get a few sneak peek images prepared for you within 2 – 3 days. The full collection of final images may take up to 28 days to be completed in busy periods, but I will always endeavour to have these with you within 14-21 days where possible. I love going back through images and seeing what we’ve created, so I will certainly be excited to share them with you!

Once the sneak peeks are ready, I will post them up with a brief social media post about the photoshoot. They will be a low resolution, watermarked image which I am happy for you to share on social media or use as a profile or cover image as long as you do not edit or crop them in any way.

Once my first edit has been done and your gallery is available, I will send you a private link with a password to access it. If you would like friends or family to see your final images, I am happy for you to share this with them. I would please ask that you do not share these images on social media, or  try to save the files from web. From here, you can choose which images you would like printed, sent as digitals (edited, I do not provide RAW digitals), canvases, photobooks or other products.

What do you do with the images?

I will keep all RAW copies of your images forever. Edited versions will be held until February 1st, when galleries are cleared out for the Spring, but if you decide at a later date that you would like to purchase an item, this won’t be an issue. A nominal fee may be charged for the image to be re-edited, in the region of £5.

Should this change at any point in the future, please rest assured you will be contacted and notified.

Your images may be used in my marketing, and as such could appear on flyers, business cards, emails, social media and/or my website. If this is likely to be an issue for yourself, please let me know and of course I will withold your images from this purpose.

How do I pay?

Once we have agreed a date and made the provisional booking, a deposit of 50% is due. This will confirm your booking and hold your shoot date. This can be paid by bank transfer, Paypal or cash if you are local. I will send an invoice to confirm the amount due.

The final 50% is due 7 days before your shoot, and can be paid by bank transfer, Paypal or cash. A reminder email will be sent 14 days before your shoot date.

Full payment up front can also be made.

All booking fees are non-refundable but in circumstances agreed may be transferable to an alternative date. Please see terms and conditions.

If you would like to purchase prints or products once you have your gallery, I will confirm the amount due and provide an invoice for payment. Payment details are as above, and detailed on the invoice provided.

Regretfully I am currently unable to offer a payment plan, so all charges will be payable before items are delivered.

Packages are available, so please don’t hesitate to ask for a quote.