Laura and Rio welsh D

Getting to know the face behind the lens

Where it started

Age: 2
Pony: Fella the Falabella

Horse Owner

Welsh D x
Hacking, popping the odd jump, and a bit of stressage. Just been diagnosed with suspensory damage, and going through recovery


Eliza – born May 2016 Rainbow baby Literally cracks me up on a daily basis (many times!) Already a horsey girl!


I can almost guarantee that I’ll sit or lay down on your shoot – I’m definitely not allergic to having dirt on my jeans!


It was a DVT after having Eliza that led me to launch Laura Fiddaman Photography
You only live once.
Do what you love!

Married at 20, and a home owner at 22, I’ve always been determined to succeed. When I found myself laid up in 2016 with the prospect of having a PE because of the extent of my blood clots, it made my decision easy. I had to get better, because not only did I have my wonderful new family to live for, it was time to launch my photography business and get out doing what I love to do.

Photographing the wonderful animals that are our horses.

It hasn’t been an easy ride, but nothing worthwhile is ever going to be easy! After many years of working at my local stables as a kid in return for riding lessons, I even managed to finally buy my own horse in November 2013. Rio was the polar opposite of what I was looking for – rather than the 8-12 year old schoolmaster reliable type, he was a green 4 year old. He stole my heart the moment I set eyes on him, and after schooling and hacking him I knew we were due a lifetime together. See that’s the thing with horses, they find us when we need them the most. And I needed him!

We have loved and lost

We’ve listened and learned

The best of friends, there

Round every corner we turn

Bringing joy in the good

& comfort in pain

Our horses are there, come sunshine or rain