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Hi, I’m Laura

Supporter of local & rural businesses and fellow photographers, mumpreneur, and forever cuddling horses. And dogs. And, well, photographing them!

A great horse will change your life. The truly special ones define it...

Mum to Eliza, wife to Jim, and part-time administrator, Laura Fiddaman Photography was born a few months after Eliza back in 2016.

Becoming a mum

What started out as the most exciting journey I’d had quickly turned into something quite scary when my leg swelled up and I found out I had a DVT. The blood clots stretched from my groin to my ankle in my left leg, and left me immobile for a number of weeks after multiple visits to surgery and being stuck in hospital.

Lifelong passion

Ever since I was young I’ve loved photography, and that never changed after I left college. Having feared the worst at times waiting to find out if my clot had broken away to find my heart, I realised that I was just making excuses to myself for not pursuing my photography business plans and decided it was time to go for it!


I’m an advocate for people being aware of their mental health and I am not a fan of any stigma being attached to it. I’ve dealt with my own demons along the way, and I think it’s safe to say that being around horses is 100% the best therapy I’ve had. Thankfully we are entering a time where people can speak more freely about these problems, and get the help they need.

Part of what I love about photography is capturing a backstory, and between my portraits and personal branding shoots, that’s exactly what I do. It also gives me complete creative freedom, and I feel so lucky to have so many wonderful clients who have trusted me to have just that.

Give me a pair of jeans and boots and I’m happy.

I have lived in Suffolk all my life, and have been so lucky to have been surrounded by beautiful countryside throughout. I sat on my first pony at the age of 2, and probably like you, I never looked back! 

My first (owned) horse has come and gone, after the most wonderful 5 1/2 years together. Rio was the best horse I could have asked for. I went out looking for an educated schoolmaster, around 10 years old back in 2013. Of course, what I came home with was a green 4 year old Welsh cob cross! Boy, did we have some good times over those years. I’ve got so many amazing memories, and even more photographs to back them up. 

I’ve also got Rio’s tail hair on a leather bracelet from Tail End Jewellery, in a Tails to Treasure frame, and on a wirework sculpture of him from In the Wired Wild Wood. It’s nice to still see him around.




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