The Surprise One!

I thought it would be nice to share some of the stories behind my shoots, so here’s my first one. It features the beautiful Opan and Ard Crunchie. This was a black background session, to create a birthday gift to remember for Ella. 

When I received a message from Ella’s mum Trudy asking if we could do a secret photo shoot, I was more than happy to oblige. I love being able to create photos that people can enjoy forever; this takes it to the next level! I pulled up to a lovely quiet home yard, with two very beautiful horses preened and ready for their session.

Between Trudy, and Angela who also had her gorgeous grey Casper photographed, they had turned the boys out perfectly. The stables and yard were pristine. Fortunately we had the perfect natural lighting to capture the boys in all their glory! It was a real team effort, with noises being made and buckets shaken, along with keeping them stood in their stable doorways. It’s not something that you really think about much, but it’s a strange thing to ask a horse to do isn’t it? Usually they walk in, and they walk out. There’s not much hanging about on the threshold! 


Ella has had Opan since 2016, and she didn’t get him in conventional fashion. Whilst holidaying abroad, she received a message to say she had a horse waiting for her when she got home! Needless to say, they haven’t looked back since, and he has a home with Ella now for life. He’s got such a kind eye, and laid back attitude. I would love to have my own Opan when I do eventually have another! Although maybe with less spring in his feet – I don’t need to jump that high 😉

Both of the boys worked the angles like pro’s and it didn’t take us much time at all to get a nice variety of shots. I’d just got in my new round metal sample the day of the session, and Ella has the first one I had made! This was the final edit that Trudy chose, and I couldn’t have been happier. It was the session with these boys that really cemented my love for black background photographs.

Just look at that arch in the neck, and happy ears! I could literally have photographed them all day and not gotten bored. I’m not sure they would have remained so patient though! 

It’s been great to see Ella progress, and last year she was chosen for sponsorship by feed company Allen & Page. Fantastic news! 



Ella hadn’t had this little dude for long when I met him. We weren’t even sure if he was going to walk out the door if we left it open with nothing across it! Naturally, he stood there like he’d been modelling all his life, taking everything in his stride. 

It’s been absolutely brilliant seeing him come up the levels in his showjumping with Ella, and he’s really become a wonderful young man. They had a heartbreaking experience last July when they went to compete at the Global Future Champions Tour In Valkenswaard. Upon arrival, they discovered a small fracture in his pastern. This meant after travelling all the way to Holland he had to stay on the sidelines. I’ve no doubt he will be back next year, and with even more to give! 

Every session is different

I love doing my job, I mean that’s no secret! My favourite bit is hearing about and seeing what goes on behind the scenes. One of my favourite things about this one was meeting the horse’s cuddly toys. Some of you hang licks in your horse’s stable, and Ella hangs cuddlies for her horses. So sweet! 

What do you do with your horse or yard that’s a bit different? I’d love to know! 


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